corporate magic for more sales and trade show leads - Marc Lemezma

Trade Show Magician – Marc Lemezma

Making your exhibition or trade show a magical success! 

What value would you give to success?
No matter how well designed your exhibition stand, if no one stops to look at it then you might as well have saved your money… You may have the best lead follow-up process imaginable and the sharpest sales-force in the business, but without any leads they can’t do their job.

Corporate Magician Marc Lemezma offers a unique combination of skills that will help your business succeed at trade shows, conference and exhibitions.

He can offer :-

  • Stunning magic to draw an audience to your stand
  • Rapport and influencing skills to persuade them to stay
  • Understanding of the  business mindset to help qualify prospects
  • Training and coaching of your sales staff to help maximise success
  • Entertainment, fun and a positive vibe to help create a real buzz

Marc has a rare combination of talents. His 25 year career in international telecommunications and business management has given him a unique insight into how people and organisations communicate and (more importantly) how they can communicate more effectively. Over 4 decades creating and performing magic means, quite simply, he knows what an audience wants and how to control them. Marc also understands the way people think and react, having studied hypnosis and NLP. This all adds up to dynamic and engaging presentations that deliver real value to your business!

Discover more about Marc’s work as a communication skills coach here.

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