Close up magic is amazing and the perfect form of entertainment for all kinds of situations including dinners and functions, weddings, parties and of course corporate events.

Over the last 30 years or so magic has been set free! It is no longer confined to children’s parties and after dinner cabaret as it used to be. Nowadays people at all kinds of events and functions are enjoying close up magic as a key part of the entertainment, either as a Boredom Buster or Ice Breaker.

Typically a close up magician will walk around an event such as a corporate dinner, party or other function, greeting each group or table of guests individually and spending a few minutes with them, perhaps performing 2 or 3 tricks at a time.

The close up magic typically happens right under their noses and often in their own hands. Using cards, coins, rings and other everyday object the close up magician stuns his audience with his sleight of hand skills.

Quite often your magician will have other skills such as balloon modelling which add something extra for the whole family to enjoy.

The style will vary with the individual performer, but usually it is delivered with plenty of amusing patter and great audience rapport. The result is that your event, party, dinner or function is an even greater success.

There are many other terms that can sometimes be used to describe close-up magic.

These include:-

Close Magic * Up Close Magic * Close at Hand Magic

Hand Magic * Table Magic * Table Hopping

Wandering Magic * Mix & Mingle Magic * Pocket Magic

There are probably even more words to describe close up magic that I have missed!

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