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Marc Lememza is the author of sven magic books available in eight langauges world-wide!


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I’m delighted to announce that my first book Mind Magic is now available in a fantastic new edition, published by Fox Chappel & IMM 

Mind Magic Book - by Marc LemezmaIt’s perfect for anyone 13 through to adult who wishes to learn some amazing yet easy-to-do mind-reading tricks.

The book also makes a great gift for any fans of Marc Lemezma or Marli The Magician!

Mind Magic is available through all the regular channels such as Amazon and regular bookstores.

Yes, you can certainly buy the book for less elsewhere, but if you’d like a personally dedicated copy,  I have limited stock available that can be personally signed and delivered anywhere in the world. Simply email me to order!





Everyone knows that most magic tricks are simply sleight-of-hand. Mental magic, on the other hand, can give the illusion of real paranormal powers. This dazzling collection offers a rich selection of mind-reading, spirit-raising, future-telling illusions, complete with tips on how to present them most effectively. Read palms with amazing accuracy, predict the future with tarot cards, conjure up table-tipping spirits, find psychic connections between people and their possessions, receive uncanny messages from the beyond, and even seem to know what people are thinking. Of course, it’s all in fun and all the explanations include the magician’s “patter” that goes with each trick–assuring that no matter how spooky the effect, the audience isn’t shocked or terrified, but delightfully amazed.